OpenHIE 2018 Community Meeting

31 July 2018 – 4 August 2018

Mount Meru Hotel and Conference Centre
Arusha, Tanzania#OHIE18

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Mount Meru Hotel

Mount Meru Conference Centre

The OpenHIE Community meeting at Mount Meru Hotel and Conference Centre is designed to support developers, implementers, and government officials in fostering the advancement of OpenHIE and the support of country owned and driven, large-scale health information sharing architectures.

It will serve to showcase the strategy, approach and components that pragmatically empower sustainable and standards-based sharing of health information to improve health outcomes. The meeting will also highlight existing OpenHIE implementations and provide a platform for community learning and discussion about OpenHIE in action.


  • Connect implementers with one another and with the wider network
  • Share and contribute to current OpenHIE global goods, multi-country implementation experiences, and foster wider collaboration both within Tanzania, and globally
  • Bring implementers and developers together to harmonize tool development with implementation needs
  • Provide policy makers with an opportunity to better understand OpenHIE and its role in promoting interoperability and systems thinking

Arusha, Tanzania in Africa

Tanzania flag

This event provides a unique opportunity for implementers to collaborate and improve their knowledge of OpenHIE, share user stories, and to propose new priorities.

Also, government leaders will gather and learn from each other about approaches to designing interoperable solutions as well as governance frameworks that have been applied for health system information exchange.


31 July 2018 – 2 August 2018

The OpenHIE Community Meeting agenda will feature several tracks, including those specifically for government leaders as well as one for OpenHIE Implementers. Additional tracks for developers will also be included to connect the community meeting with the Connect-a-thon.

In additional to pre-arranged sessions, the agenda will have several open “unconference” sessions where community members will propose presentations on topics relevant to their OpenHIE implementations. Follow our 2018 OpenHIE Community Meeting event page as more information comes to around proposing session ideas and the agenda.


3-4 August 2018

This Connect-a-thon event seeks to promote a culture of data use by getting people excited about the potential uses of the data they are already collecting and by crowdsourcing new uses of existing data that will improve the delivery of healthcare.

The Connect-a-thon will provide an opportunity to build local and regional expertise in the use of data exchange standards (including HL7 FHIR and OpenHIE) by involving the data analysts and developers that know the data and systems in operation on the ground.

The Connect-a-thon is free to attend, but expressed interest is required during registration for the conference because space is limited.

Watch for more Connect-a-thon information as it becomes available on the 2018 OpenHIE Community Meeting event page.




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