OpenHIE Partner: Asia eHealth Information Network


  • Membership Status 2021-2023

AeHIN is a collaboration of digital health advocates created by the World Health Organization in 2011 to help Asian countries with digital health development. It has over 1,413 professionals in eHealth, HIS, and CRVS in 68 countries. 

AeHIN has helped build capacity in the region by laying down national health information foundations: governance, architecture, program management, standards, and interoperability (Mind the GAPS Framework). 

It envisions achieving interoperable digital health systems for universal health coverage and health systems in Asia. To achieve this vision, its mission is to promote learning, resource sharing, and knowledge exchange for strengthening digital health through the networking approach. 

AeHIN has a pool of health and IT professionals from South and Southeast Asia committed to promoting better use of ICTs to achieve better health. It is a not-for-profit incorporated in Hong Kong and maintains a secretariat team in Manila, Thailand, and Malaysia. 

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AeHIN can contribute region-specific community management skills to the OpenHIE initiative:

  • Serve as exemplars of OpenHIE’s mission, vision, and values
  • Inclusion of OpenHIE in the AeHIN Regional Enterprise Architecture Council for Health (AeHIN Reach)
  • Share or encourage sharing of country implementation activities
  • allocation of AeHIN Hour for OpenHIE (at least two webinars)
  • Manage virtual and in-person community (sub-community and working group) events
  • Assist OpenHIE leadership in prioritizing activities within the larger OpenHIE community roadmap
  • Provide country experience regarding OpenHIE implementation challenges
  • Serve as OpenHIE ambassadors through the digital health ecosystem and encourage a broader representation in OpenHIE processes
  • Promotion of OpenHIE knowledge artifacts through AeHIN’s mailing lists and social media accounts
  • Organization of side-events dedicated to the initiative within larger AeHIN events
  • Assist in developing materials for OpenHIE scenarios and workflows to be shared
  • Contribution in the development of knowledge materials for OpenHIE

AeHIN in OpenHIE & the Digital Health Community

AeHIN’s Role in OpenHIE

AeHIN’s desired role in the OpenHIE community is to build a community of practice for OpenHIE in South and Southeast Asia.

AeHIN’s Contributions to OpenHIE

AeHIN has always invited OpenHIE as one of the key presenters in its regular general meetings (GM Bangkok, GM Manila, GM Bali, GM Nay Pyi Taw, GM Colombo, GM Virtual). The AeHIN GM is an annual gathering of government, development of partners, non-government organizations to discuss the latest trends with digital health governance, architecture, program management, standards, and interoperability.

AeHIN’s Contributions to the Digital Health Community

AeHIN’s Mind the GAPS approach is the core of the network’s capacity-building initiatives. Part of this effort is the conduct of ‘convergence workshops’ for digital health practitioners in the region. With support from development partners, AeHIN helps the Ministry of Health (MOH) gather various stakeholders to advocate for eHealth implementation in support of the national health agenda.

Convergence workshops aim to establish the MOH’s role as the governing body of the national eHealth program. The term “convergence” was specially selected to show how all stakeholders consolidate and support the MOH eHealth strategy. Since 2015, AeHIN has supported convergence workshops in Myanmar, Timor Leste, Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Bhutan.

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