OpenHIE Partner: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

  • Membership Status 2024-2027

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) is a proven leader in the global fight to end HIV and AIDS, with a footprint that spans 20 countries and an emphasis on children, youth, and families. The success of EGPAF’s work has put the world in reach of a finishing line where we can foresee what is referred to as epidemic control, whereby national health programs are able to prevent and treat HIV, and care for those affected in a sustainable manner – towards the global community goal of effectively ending AIDS by 2030.

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Leveraging digital health to end HIV. National health information systems (HIS) are a primary component of country health systems managed by Ministries of Health (MOHs). HIS will be one of the most critical resources in coming years – leveraging data to drive quality patient care and improve program efficiency will be key to reaching and sustaining HIV epidemic control.

EGPAF approach. EGPAF proudly partners with MOHs across Africa to design, develop, deploy, and maintain national health information ecosystems, with an emphasis on our priority to achieve strategic data use. EGPAF’s approach blends our technical expertise in the delivery of health services with our capabilities in digital health, to ensure that tools and approaches serve to strengthen national data systems for the improvement of patient health services. EGPAF has partnered with MOHs across sub-Saharan Africa for more than two decades to establish and optimize HIS, beginning with paper systems, and now focusing on electronic systems – to guide precision patient care and to enhance program performance.



  • Design, develop, and deploy health information systems at national scale, using a point-of-care methodology. These include Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRS), hospital/clinic-wide information systems, lab information systems, and birth and death registration systems.
  • Develop and manage data warehouses and Central Data Repositories (CDRs) for large patient data sets.
  • Digital health tools for patient care, including mobile case management for healthcare providers, communication to clients, and engagement among client advocates.
  • Ensuring the interoperability of multiple systems.


  • Design of health informatics products, including intuitive data visualizations with smart alert technology and active generation of insights.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) to process large volumes of complex patient data, leading to quicker and more accurate clinical and programmatic insights.

Data Use

  • Leveraging patient data for monitoring and evaluation, analysis, and planning, including data integration with national systems and data quality assurance.


  • Identifying and deploying fit-for-purpose national IT infrastructure, including end-user technologies, connectivity, and power solutions.

Impact Investment and Partnerships

  • Partnering with technology companies to leverage resources and promote health equity.

EGPAF in OpenHIE & the Digital Health Community

Prior to the official partnership, EGPAF has been engaged with the OpenHIE community and now will to continue to contribute, and adhere to, the community standards as a partner organization. 

EGPAF has a new digital health strategy and would like to bring their experience with technology and as implementers to the community. 

EGPAF would like to contribute to OHIE artifacts and their specific teams looking to engage include areas such as: Security, Labs, EMR, and Client Registry. 


Does EGPAF Inspire You to Consider a Partnership?

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