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  • Membership Status 2023-2025

Medic is a non-profit organization that designs, delivers, and supports world-class, open-source software for health workers providing care in the world’s hardest-to-reach communities.

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Medic serves as the technical steward and a core contributor to the Community Health Toolkit (CHT), an open-source platform that supports health workers as they provide essential care in their own communities. 

Medic is part of a movement for global health equity aimed at changing how health systems work and how technology powers those systems. 

Medic in OpenHIE & the Digital Health Community

Skill sets that Medic can add to the OpenHIE initiative 

Medic has a global team of over 90 innovators, dispersed across more than 14 countries, 32 cities, and all time zones. Medic’s team is collectively driven to advance health equity. 

While one member of Medic’s field team is traveling 100 miles to visit a remote clinic, other members – software and application developers, product and service designers, health researchers, and project managers – are working with technical partners to fine-tune models, devise new patient interventions, and make time-saving, human-centered software

Medic’s desired role within the OpenHIE Community 

Medic understands the need for openness and interoperability which aligns well with OpenHIE’s mission. Medic would like to serve as an exemplar of OpenHIE’s mission, vision and values, through the adoption of its standards and sharing learnings within the CHT community. 

Medic would also leverage on its networks and partnerships to share or encourage sharing of country implementation activities, and would provide available time and resources to assist OpenHIE leadership in prioritizing activities within the larger OpenHIE community roadmap. 

Medic has in the past served and would like to continue to serve as OpenHIE ambassadors through the digital health ecosystem and encourage a broader representation in OpenHIE processes. 

Through working to adopt OpenHIE standard, Medic would assist in developing materials for OpenHIE scenarios and workflows and share them with the larger OpenHIE community. 

Examples of Medic’s historic contributions to the OpenHIE community and active contributions 

In early 2023, Medic embarked on a project to have the CHT exchange standardized data with other systems. Medic leveraged on the OpenHIE architecture, FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standards and OpenHIM as the middleware to facilitate this exchange. 

In 2023, Medic had the privilege of attending the OpenHIE annual community meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi where a Loss to Follow Up workflow between an external system and the CHT was showcased as a proof of concept. Medic also attended the conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2019. During this event, Medic led a CHT product showcase session, highlighting the seamless integration of the CHT with the OpenHIE architecture. Moreover, Medic assembled a talented team to participate in the conference’s hackconnect-a-thon, where the CHT was successfully connected with other components in the OpenHIE ecosystem.

Continuing Medic’s active involvement, the team has presented at the OpenHIE architecture call and collaborated within the Community Health Worker Community of Practice. Medic’s dedication to a shared value of staying connected and sharing knowledge derives its commitment to excellence.

Medic actively engages in the OpenHIE community, participating in community calls and attending yearly conferences. Medic team members have completed OpenHIE academy courses, leveraging gained knowledge to enhance the CHT Core Framework and CHT deployments. Medic remains passionate about leveraging OpenHIE’s advancements to continue with the interoperability enhancements for the CHT.

Examples of Medic’s contributions to the digital health community

Medic believes providing communities with sophisticated, human-centered technology is an effective tool on the path to achieving a more just world, where universal health coverage is a reality and health is a secured human right. 

At the end of Q1 2024, Medic and the CHT – a global public good, supported 131,755 health workers across 18 countries, with CHWs engaging in a total of 128.3 million all-time caring activities. The CHT has supported over 10,000 health workers with systems for COVID-19 response, disease surveillance, contact tracing, and patient care.

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