OpenHIE Partner: SantéSuite


  • Membership Status 2021-2023

“SanteSuite Inc. (SSI) is one of the world’s most experienced teams in global digital health systems research, development and implementation around the globe.”

SanteSuite Inc.

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SantéSuite Inc. (SSI) is a social benefits corporation, mission driven by the “quadruple bottom line”  philosophy. Our award-winning founders and leadership make up one of the world’s most experienced  digital health strategy and open source software development, and implementation teams. Our skillsets  include co-creating digital strategy, integration architectures, software development, business analysis,  community building and coordination, software stewardship, and project/program management. Our  team members have led or have been key contributors to national-scale digital health strategies and  EMR, client and immunization registry implementations in LMICs including Jordan, Tanzania, Myanmar,  Kiribati and Vietnam, and national initiatives of U.S. Health and Human Services, NHS England, European  Commission, and Canadian Federal and Provincial government agencies.

SanteSuite in OpenHIE & the Digital Health Community

Skillsets to be Contributed to the OpenHIE Initiative

Helping shape the evolution of the Open HIE community; open innovation and open source software  stewardship and development expertise; digital health interoperability standards, information exchange  development and implementation; capacity building insights. 

Desired Role of SantéSuite within the OpenHIE Community

Continued contribution and participation to leadership activities of the community; participate and  contribute to the client registry, COVID Task Force and OPS sub-committees; participate and contribute to the evolution of new sub-committees including Privacy & Security Working Group. Provide digital  health subject matter expertise where appropriate and when possible. 

Examples of Historic Contributions to the OpenHIE Community

SantéSuite team members have been contributing to and participating in the OpenHIE community in  several ways for over 6 years. Our team’s experience in implementing the first reference  implementation of Canada Health Infoway’s national digital health architecture has been leveraged by  the OpenHIE community. Our technical team leadership led the development of Mohawk MEDIC’s interoperability lab and directly transferred this capability to help establish AeHIN’s SILA Lab model.  Team members have also contributed to the OpenHIE Leadership, OpenHIE Patient Identity  Management (formerly Client Registry) and OPS sub-communities. 

Examples of Contributions to the Global Digital Health Community

Contributions to the global digital health community by SantéSuite’s team members include: pioneering  leadership in establishing the open source movement in digital health by founding and coordinating the Open Source Health Care Alliance (1999-2007); establishment and governance of two major open  source, nationally deployed EMR open source solutions and communities: WorldVistA/WorldVistA EHR  which is nationally deployed in all of Jordan’s MoH and Military hospitals and clinics, and OSCAR EMR which is nationally deployed in over 4,000 primary care and specialist clinics in Canada; development  and implementation of SantéMPI, a Digital Square recognized Global Good; national digital health strategy development and software deployments including: Tanzania’s TiMR national immunization  management system (EIR); Kiribati’s primary care digital health roadmap; Myanmar’s Client Registry,  national health ID and C-19 vaccination program registry; and, EMR adaptation, launch and capacity  building for Jordan’s EHS non-profit and Hakeem national digital health infrastructure initiative.

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