OpenHIE Partner: IntraHealth


  • Membership Status 2022-2024

IntraHealth International is a global health nonprofit that has worked in over 100 countries since 1979. They improve the performance of health workers and strengthen the systems in which they work so that everyone everywhere has the health care they need to thrive.

IntraHealth develops open source software that helps countries around the world improve health information systems. They focus on leveraging popular software frameworks and global interoperability standards to quickly incorporate new functionality that reduces deployment time and increases long-term sustainability.

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IntraHealth adapts existing software tools and create custom solutions for a wide variety of users, including ministries of health, health service delivery providers, and international healthcare organizations, including:

  • iHRIS, a simple, easy-to-use, open source software that supplies health-sector leaders with information to track, manage, and plan the health workforce. iHRIS is in use in over 20 low- and middle-income countries to support human resource planning, management, regulation, and training. iHRIS is compliant with the OpenHIE Health Worker Registry Architecture Specification and enables countries to realize the most effective deployment of the health workforce in any context.
  • mHero, a two-way, mobile phone-based communication system that connects iHRIS and RapidPro, and uses SMS text messages and Interactive Voice Response to connect ministries of health and health workers to support health, nutrition, education and child protection. 
  • Global Open Facility Registry (GOFR). GOFR is a standards-based registry to manage facility lists and their services. GOFR is compliant with the OpenHIE Architecture Specification for Facility Registries.  GOFR also includes the Facility Match tool for identifying, reconciling, and synthesizing duplicate or incomplete facility records across multiple data sets for government health information systems and PEPFAR reporting.
  • Open Client Registry (OpenCR) safely links patient identities between systems for clinical safety, continuity of care, and accurate reporting using an easily adaptable, open source and open standards-based platform.
  • Public Health Indicator Reporting with CQL/FHIR, IntraHealth has been at the forefront of prototyping and testing the capabilities of FHIR tooling and workflows for using patient-level data in a secure and privacy-preserving manner for public health indicator reporting.
  • International Standards, we support health data exchange standards (HL7 FHIR, Integrating the Health Enterprise), to create global data exchange standards, including CSD, mCSD, mACM and PRIM and we lead the Health Worker Registry Community in In the OpenHIE Community of Practice.

IntraHealth in OpenHIE

Relevant Skills for OpenHIE

IntraHealth has a global team of dozens of digital health innovators across 20 countries, grounded in a core Digital Health team of 12 staff across the North American and African continents. They build software solutions that are aligned with OpenHIE’s architecture and framework, and vision for sharing health data across systems. 

In addition, IntraHealth has over 700 technical experts and project managers working in multiple domains, including COVID-19 response, HIV/AIDS, family planning & reproductive health, maternal, newborn, & child health, global health security, infectious diseases, chronic & noncommunicable diseases, and nutrition.

Desired Role in OpenHIE

IntraHealth was a founding member of the OpenHIE Community. They’ve supported OpenHIE’s approaches, reference technologies, and community processes from the start, and try to live OpenHIE’s mission, vision and values, throughout their work. 

IntraHealth would like to continue their multiple roles within OpenHIE:

  • Promote OpenHIE in the digital health ecosystem and encourage a broader representation in OpenHIE processes.
  • Expand OpenHIE standards with core work on Instant OpenHIE and other similar reference design and interoperability activities.
  • Develop OpenHIE scenarios and workflows for more use cases and stakeholders, and share them with the larger OpenHIE community 
  • Increase OpenHIE community skills and knowledge by continuing our support of the OpenHIE Academy and other capacity building efforts
  • Lead the Health Worker Registry Sub Communities in the OpenHIE Community of Practice to support country HWR implementations within the OpenHIE framework.

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