OpenHIE Partner: Regenstrief Institute

Regenstrief Institute

  • Membership Status 2022-2024

Regenstrief Institute is a dynamic, people-centered research organization driven by a mission to connect and innovate for better health.

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Regenstrief’s Global Health Informatics (GHI) team is composed of people from both Indiana University and Regenstrief Institute, Inc., often collaborating with other organizations and individuals to assemble a diverse and talented group of professionals with various skill sets and credentials. The GHI team is committed to measurably improve the health of the underserved through collaboration that supports the development and implementation of an increasingly well-defined set of principles, approaches, and open technologies meant for use in resource-limited settings. We have a long, 10+ year track record of direct work in this space. We specialize in both providing deep technical subject matter expertise and in creating the milieu that facilitates, supports and empowers large-scale distributed engagement. We have maintained a longstanding, well known presence in the global health community to support communities of practice as well as design, development and implementation of national scale electronic medical records and health system architectures. Our team’s senior leadership are all physicians with health delivery backgrounds. This provides unique perspectives into the role of information and IT for the development and support of essential policies and procedures within governance models and legislation, integrated health service delivery, strategic decision-making, and program planning. We also have a substantial technical staff, with deep capacities in health software architecture and engineering, IT infrastructure management and operations, health information standards and interoperability, user-centered design, and large scale health data analytics. Our team members predominantly use these skill sets in community leadership roles, but we also have a depth of experience in training and development and support for needed management services and products.

The GHI team has provided technical assistance in Rwanda that supported national implementations of electronic medical record systems and an operational data sharing architecture. Similar eHealth Architecture work has been supported in Ethiopia as well as PEPFAR countries such as Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, and the Philippines. Members of our team have held leadership roles in large integrated health networks, and are intimately aware of the challenges and successes that are critical for effective IT governance as well as IT infrastructure management services. Furthermore, our team is well versed in appropriate ways to plan and implement IT as well as HIT capacity building and end user support. 

We have an over 10-year history of direct support work in Kenya with academic as well as MOH, donors, and stakeholders, developing, deploying and supporting national level electronic medical records guidelines and ICT policies. These implementations include interoperable integrations with DHIS2 and the emerging national data warehouse. Our role is not only to assess HIS, but also to look at the business rules and procedures that surround them and create an ecosystem for HIE. We are active participants in the development of multiple national eHealth strategies, including work in Tanzania, Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, Bangladesh, and Philippines.

Regenstrief in OpenHIE & the Digital Health Community

Regenstrief’s Contributions to OpenHIE

Regenstrief’s skillsets to be contributed to the OpenHIE initiative include:  community of practice design, development, and management; health information exchange strategic development; community management, public relations, overall secretariat support services

Desired role within the OpenHIE community: executive leadership of the community, provide overall secretariat support for the community of practice, fundraising, partnership development, architecture review board leadership, provide leadership within terminology services sub-community, provide various clinical informatics and health IT subject matter expertise when relevant.

Examples of historic contributions to the OpenHIE community: early founding organization of the community, provide many of these above support personnel actively today, and plan to continue this work into the future

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