OpenHIE Partner: IntelliSOFT Consulting Limited

IntelliSoft Consulting

  • Membership Status 2023-2026

IntelliSOFT Consulting aims „to support the realisation and optimisation of business performance and productivity through development, implementation and supporting meaningful use of information, communications and technology agnostic, web-optimised software particularly for low resourced environments.

The primary focus is health systems’ strengthening specifically in the area of Health Research Support information Systems and Health Management Information Systems.“

IntelliSOFT Kenya. (2023).

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IntelliSOFT skill sets:

  • Software Development: Building HIE components
  • Requirements Specifications: Direct contribution and review of the OpenHIE specifications
  • Quality Assurance: Testing of the various HIE components

IntelliSOFT in OpenHIE & the Digital Health Community

Software Development

IntelliSOFT collaborates with the OpenHIE community to optimize and establish standardized clinical workflows within the HMIS, guided by predefined workflow guidelines, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

Requirement Specifications

IntelliSOFT works with the community to document or set specifications that outlines the specific needs, functionalities, and criteria for a component within an HIE ecosystem. This includes a comprehensive list of requirements, technical details, and performance expectations that the HIE component must meet in order to effectively and securely exchange health-related information among various healthcare providers and systems.

These requirements also encompass data formats, interoperability standards, security protocols, data privacy considerations, performance benchmarks, and other essential aspects to ensure the successful integration and operation of the HIE component with the larger healthcare information ecosystem.

Historic Contributions to the OpenHIE Community

IntelliSOFT through its CEO contributed to the development of the OpenHIE specifications through direct contribution and review of drafts.

Contributions to the Digital Health Community

In the development of SMART Guidelines, IntelliSOFT was a part of a WHO-led consortium that developed the L2 & L3 specifications for immunization and L3 specifications for HIV.

IntelliSOFT has been actively involved in advancing Bahmni’s development, with recent efforts focused on integrating Bahmni and SNOMED Terminology service to aid in among others, implementation of a Clinical Decision Support Service (CDSS) utilizing FHIR standards.

IntelliSOFT has played a leading role in shaping the specification for key components within the framework of the Kenya Health Digital Superhighway initiative. This government-led initiative aims to enhance healthcare services through the effective utilization of information and communication technology (ICT). Some of the components that IntelliSOFT has contributed to defining include:

  • The shared health record
  • The interoperability layer
  • The National Health Data Dictionary
  • Data exchange standards

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