OpenHIE Partner: Apelon


  • Membership Status 2022-2024
“Apelon is a clinical informatics company focused on accelerating eHealth through data standardization and interoperability. We help you create a semantic framework that improves data quality, comparability and accessibility.
For over twenty years Apelon has collaborated with many of the world’s leading public and private healthcare organizations to design, build and deploy clinical terminologies. Apelon’s personnel: engineers, medical informaticists, and clinicians, are recognized experts in vocabulary technology, dedicated to providing practical healthcare information solutions.
Apelon is committed to industry leadership, participating in commercial, academic and public-sector forums including AMIAHL7ISOHITSCOpenHIE, and others.”
Apelon Inc. (2022).

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For more than 20 years, Apelon has collaborated with public and private healthcare
organizations in the creation, evolution, review, distribution, localization, deployment and application of clinical
terminologies. Apelon employees are experts in standards, standard terminologies and related system architectures.

Apelon has led the industry in the creation of numerous mission-critical biomedical terminology solutions, including:

  • The largest integrated terminology knowledgebase
  • The first commercially available vocabulary server
  • The first commercially available terminology modeling system using Description Logic
  • The first service-oriented terminology mapping tool designed to enable broad-based data interoperability via
    national standards

Apelon in OpenHIE & the Digital Health Community

Apelon’s Contributions to the Digital Health Community

Apelon has been and remains an active participant in open standards development. For example, Apelon participates in the HL7 Vocabulary Working Group and Terminology Authority. Apelon contributed to the development of the Common Terminology Services (CTS) specifications and remains active with the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Terminology Service efforts.

Apelon’s Role in OpenHIE

Developing close partnerships is an integral part of Apelon’s success. Apelon is committed to partnering with organizations like OpenHIE to lower the implementation barrier for low- and middle-income countries, enabling the use of standards and standard terminologies to solve the interoperability challenges.

Apelon’s Contributions to OpenHIE

Apelon skillsets to be contributed to the OpenHIE initiative include: design, development, and management of terminology services components; experience in the planning and integration of terminology services in regional and national health information exchanges.

Desired role within the OpenHIE community: technical and thought leadership in terminology services integration and implementation within the OHIE architecture; ;leadership of the terminology services community; contribution to overall OHIE architecture design; development of open-source terminology services reference implementation; technical contributions in other aspects of healthcare IT topics as appropriate.

Apelon has also historically contributed to the OpenHIE community: founding member of the OpenHIE terminology services community, ongoing leadership in the TS community; ongoing contributions to the OHIE Leadership and Architecture groups.

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