Health Metrics and Indicator Reporting

In most countries, there is a desire to have health system metrics that provide a picture of health status at national or regional levels.  This community’s mission is to further develop standard practices for achieving sustainable interoperability required to calculate and track health metrics (indicators) efficiently and practically. It aims to make a wide range of information available to empower communities, health workers, and decision-makers to improve the overall coverage, quality, and efficiency of healthcare services.

The software component should be flexible enough to be meaningfully deployed in the absence of other components but should be able to interoperate with other OpenHIE components as and where they are deployed.

  • Open


    Our approach is based on free and open-source software and standards. This approach supports the ability to calculate metrics from diverse systems meaningfully.

  • Interoperable


    We promote the interoperation of our software with other systems where they bring added value.

  • Transparent


    We consult freely with anyone interested in our mission and are open to new ideas.

  • Standardized


    We seek the standardization of best practices and software interoperability that allows flexibility and adaptability across systems.

  • Flexible


    We seek to provide adaptable solutions.

  • Pragmatic


    We seek to use resources responsibly to address a variety of healthcare needs.

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    An online home for resources and information sharing on our latest standards and practices.

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    An online discussion hub for sharing ideas, best practices, and support within the vast OpenHIE community.

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