Interoperability Layer

The OpenHIE Interoperability Layer Community (OHIE-IOL) aims to enable easier interoperability between health information systems. We provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing for designing and developing an interoperability layer that connects the components within OpenHIE.

Our mission is to build and sustain an open community to discuss the challenges of interoperability between health information systems and design an architecture and develop reference software to support easier interoperability between disparate health systems and components. We promote appropriate standards to support best practices for secure health data exchange between authorized components.

  • Manage Security

    Manage Security

    An Interoperability Layer is the ‘lock’ for an HIE. It provides easier management of an HIE’s security infrastructure. It gives the ability to implement data governance rules to control which systems have access to which infrastructure services.

  • Single Entry Point

    Single Entry Point

    An Interoperability Layer provides a single point of entry into an HIE, which allows requests to be logged and routed or multicast to the systems that make up your HIE infrastructure.

  • Simplify


    The Interoperability Layer can transform incoming messages to a form that the other HIE components expect and simplify the business logic requirements of the point of care system by mediating transactions within the HIE.

  • Monitor


    The Interoperability Layer provides a mechanism for error management and tracking and also offers a view of metrics for monitoring the flow of messages through the HIE.

  • Visit the Wiki

    An online home for resources and information sharing on our latest standards and practices.

  • Join the Conversation on Discourse

    An online discussion hub for sharing ideas, best practices, and support within the vast OpenHIE community.

  • Download the Implementation Guide

    These provide guidance for the end-to-end implementation of the architecture components.

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