Patient Identity Management

This community provides an open forum for subject matter experts, implementers, and tool developers (experts to novices) to share and document best practices, identify challenges and gaps and create roadmaps for development and use of identity management standards, tooling (client registries/master patient indexes and matching/linking algorithms), biometrics and other architectural patterns and standards for identity management.

When information is distributed across independent databases and systems, client registries (CRs), also called Master Patient Indexes (MPIs), are an essential tool for linking a single patient’s identity across disparate systems. In many cases, point-of-care systems like EMRs and Laboratory systems, and payer systems generate a unique id for each patient within the individual computer system system. However, without a centralized ID, the patient’s data is challenging to link across systems. CRs utilize algorithms to review patient demographic data across systems or within a single system and link the diverse identities for a unique patient.

This capability is foundational for combining a patient’s information across systems and enabling a provider to see a holistic picture of health, accurate calculation of health system metrics, and reporting of sentinel health events.

  • Informed Patient Care

    Informed Patient Care

    Foundational for creating a full picture of the patient’s health records. Helps medical providers provide quality, life-saving care (via access to accurate historical patient data across multiple institutions or systems).

  • Metrics Calculation

    Metrics Calculation

    For example, patient identity solutions can link a patient’s records across HIV clinics and, therefore, only count the patient once in health care metrics.

  • Case Reporting

    Case Reporting

    Helps collate data across systems to provide more accurate, less redundant sentinel event case reporting.

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