Clinical Terminology Services

The community includes terminologists, technical and implementation stakeholders whose objective is the utilization and deployment of standardized healthcare terminology to support continuity of semantic meaning, the meaning of health terms, as data is shared across organizations and systems.

Community members work together to ensure accurate, consistent semantic terminology for reporting and aggregating clinical data. This is done by sharing experiences establishing best practices and learning from the diverse needs and experiences of community members.

  • Shared Meaning

    Shared Meaning

    Common terminology is vital for sharing data so that the meaning is clearly understood across different uses and implementations of systems.  National and international code systems and value sets should be readily available for validation, comparison, and aggregation with local data.

  • Improved Care

    Improved Care

    Accurate and consistent data collection improves patient care analysis, delivery, and reporting on individual and population levels.

  • Better Reports

    Better Reports

    Standardized data element representations allow for more consistent and accurate reporting.

  • Coordinated Care

    Coordinated Care

    Consistent and comparable analysis of healthcare utilization data leads to more informed decisions about resource allocation.

  • Visit the Wiki

    An online home for resources and information sharing on our latest standards and practices.

  • Join the Conversation on Discourse

    An online discussion hub for sharing ideas, best practices, and support within the vast OpenHIE community.

  • Download the Implementation Guide

    These provide guidance for the end-to-end implementation of the architecture components.

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