Facility Data Management

This community is comprised of individuals, implementers, software designers, and process experts seeking to leverage facility registries to collect, curate, store and distribute timely, accurate, and standardized facility information to diverse health systems and services.

Using local requirements and industry standards, this community is focused on field-tested, open-source, scalable technology and implementation solutions to create and sustain facility data management.


  • Improved Care

    Improved Care

    Reliable and accurate facility information will help you manage your resources better, so you can ensure that the right resources are available to support patient care.

  • Reliable Referrals

    Reliable Referrals

    Up-to-date information about existing clinical infrastructure and services can help send patients to the closest and most reliable health facility.

  • Better Planning

    Better Planning

    Analyzing the geographic distribution and coverage of health facilities can identify and address the gaps in your health services and infrastructure.

  • Accessible Data

    Accessible Data

    Define your data & permissions, track changes, access, and maintain your master facility list from any device. You can also integrate with other systems.

  • Visit the Wiki

    An online home for resources and information sharing on our latest standards and practices.

  • Join the Conversation on Discourse

    An online discussion hub for sharing ideas, best practices, and support within the vast OpenHIE community.

  • Download the Implementation Guide

    These provide guidance for the end-to-end implementation of the architecture components.

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