Leveraging local universities: Capacity building for continual and sustainable health service improvement and digitization effort.

An integrated capacity building program to overcome lack of skill on continuous support, maintenance and development of digital health initiatives. Though countries devote significant attention towards governance and management level strategies to improve the health sector and execute digital transformation plans, an equivalent weight that runs in parallel with such government transformational missions will create a virtuous circle of improvement. 


Ministry of HealthEthiopia

Ethiopia Digital Health Activity(USAID), JSI Project

Digital Health Research and Development Center(DHR&DC), Mekelle University

The Impact

  • OpenHIE Academy courses were used for preparation and certification as a prerequisite for a hackathon event on “HIS integration use case implementation”, March 22-24, 2021

  • The digital health research and development center is preparing a full fledged training program on the implemented OpenHIE components

Recognizing this need for capacity building, Digital Health Research and Development Center(DHR&DC), Mekelle University is devoted to developing integrated comprehensive courses to be used at different levels of detail targeting various audiences. In alignment with the Ethiopia eHealth Architecture, adopted from the OpenHIE architecture, the center is preparing course curriculum on OpenHIE for the architecture, interoperability layer, and components working in coordination with partners and the Ministry of Health (MoH).

The Approach

The OpenHIE Academy aims to develop country-level harmonized capacity building programs that are aligned with the digital health strategic plan.

This team’s observation for the lack of capable personnel to provide continuous support on adopted, developed, and implemented HISs and digital health initiatives can be compensated with a long-term plan for capacity building.