OpenHIE 2019 Comunity Meeting


OpenHIE Community Meeting #OHIE19

November 4-8, 2019

Hyatt Regency | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Early Bird Registration Ends August 31!

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Together, we can build better data use. We are OpenHIE.

OpenHIE Community Meetings provide an opportunity for government officials, implementers, and tech developers to come together to connect and learn from each others’ shared experiences. The theme for this year’s meeting, being held in Ethiopia, is around improving data use for decision-making. The agenda will feature several tracks, including ones specifically geared towards those new to OpenHIE, government leaders, and implementers. Additional tracks for developers will also be included to connect the community meeting with the Hackonnect-a-thon scheduled for the last day of the event. In additional to pre-arranged sessions, the agenda will have several open “unconference” sessions where community members will propose presentations on topics relevant to their OpenHIE implementations.

OpenHIE events offer different learning opportunities for everyone. Here are some exciting things happening this year:

  • This is the first year offering OpenHIE Academy courses providing a space for those unfamiliar with the OpenHIE Community, its architecture, and the benefits of data exchange to walk away with a better comprehension of these topics.
  • Countries have session space to present their experiences with planning and implementing HIE architecture.
  • OpenHIE Community leaders will share its future plans and what the community can do for you.
  • Implementers will have space to network with technical members of the community and work on technical solutions as well as proposing topics for participants to take a deeper dive into collaboratively.

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Join us for the 2019 OpenHIE Community Meeting

4-8 November 2019
Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa
Meskel Square
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Who should attend and why?

  • Ministry of Health and ICT Leaders who want to learn more about the governance structures around information exchange, architectures and data standards
  • Experienced OpenHIE community members and ICT implementers who want to share their experiences and learn from others
  • Developers of related health and healthcare application software who want to learn more about standards and system interoperability
  • Anyone new to the OpenHIE community who wants to connect with others interested in health information exchange
  • Anyone interested in learning about the community, health information architecture, deployment and maintenance of OpenHIE solutions

Schedule at a Glance

Tentative Schedule – Subject to Change

4-8 November 2019

The theme for this year’s 2019 Community Meeting is around data for decision making. The global public health community is driving interoperability in a rapidly changing context, including calls for sustainable universal health coverage (UHC), shifting burdens of disease from communicable to non-communicable diseases, and accelerating HIV/AIDS epidemic control. The objectives are to drive easier and safer data use in software products and interoperability workflows. All sessions at the Community Meeting are meant to be interactive, informative sessions to share best practices and lessons learned.

Session Types

Conference: These sessions are chosen by the organizers to highlight OpenHIE goals and achievements. Tracks include Data Exchange, Implementation Experiences, and Leadership & Governance.

Unconference: Community-defined topics that are chosen at the conference venue. This is crowd-sourcing to meet the evolving needs of attendees.

Academy: These sessions have defined learning objectives and end with a short quiz over the concepts. Those attending several academy sessions will earn a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Product Demos: Solutions that align with the OpenHIE Architecture will be on display for attendees to explore.

Coding Club: Participants can reserve a space to code with like-minded colleagues.

  • Registration
  • Welcome Remarks and Overview of the Academy
  • History of OpenHIE
  • OpenHIE Academy Intro Courses
  • Registration
  • Formal Opening of the Meeting and Welcome Remarks
  • Plenary: Public Health Challenges & HIE Vision in Ethiopia
  • Unveiling the “Unconferencing” Approach: How to get the most out of the OpenHIE Community Meeting
  • Unconference Sessions
  • Plenary: OpenHIE State of the Union
  • Plenary: Emerging HIE Use Cases
  • Unconference Sessions
  • Product Demos
  • Plenary: Governance of HIE Panel
  • Plenary: Ethiopia Showcase
  • Unconference Sessions
  • Product Demos
  • Advanced Academy Courses
  • Hackonnect-a-thon (I.e. combining the principles of a connectathon and a hackathon)


As a product of last year’s meeting, OpenHIE is holding its first ever OpenHIE Academy. OpenHIE Academy courses include “up and running” and “advanced” courses. “Up and Running” courses have no prerequisites and are for all audiences. These courses will take place on Monday, 4 November. They provide participants with the essential history, concepts, and competencies to understand the role of OpenHIE as a health information exchange and how to utilize the architecture to enhance data for decision making at all levels of the health system. “Advanced” courses will be offered during general meeting days and on the last day of the conference, also known as Hackonnect-a-thon. Find more details about OpenHIE Academy here.

You can also provide input on planned Academy courses and suggest courses you would like to lead, either without or in addition to registering, by taking the Academy Survey.


Note: There will be no extra charge for OpenHIE Academy participation but space is limited so please make sure to indicate at registration if you plan to attend.


On Friday, 8 November, OpenHIE will host a merger of two exciting types of meetings, what OpenHIE calls a Hackonnect-a-thon. This is a technical space for software teams and architects to engage and get their “hands-in” or “on” OpenHIE itself and see it materialised. Combining the principles of a connectathon and a hackathon we are excited to provide a space for teams to connect their existing tools to OpenHIE workflows and use-cases as well as give the community an opportunity to propose low hanging fruit use cases for the groups to work on. Recognising that many attendees may be new to OpenHIE there is no better way than actively engaging in designing, developing, configuring, implementing and connecting to an OpenHIE architecture to learn the fundamentals and build the relationships that you will need going forward. Find more details about OpenHIE Hackonnect-a-thon here.

Note: There will be no extra charge for OpenHIE Hackonnect-a-thon participation but space is limited so please make sure to indicate at registration if you plan to attend.

Proposing Topics

Do you have topic you would like to see on the agenda for #OHIE19?

OpenHIE is collecting session suggestions ahead of the OpenHIE Community Meeting to better understand what community members are hoping to hear about and share with each other at this years event. Use the link below to submit topics or vote on topics, you must have or create an OpenHIE login.


Showcase your product or service!

Be part of our pre-planned demo sessions to showcase your product or service. We will provide a couple time slots for technical providers to showcase their work and network with community members. You will be responsible for bringing any promotional materials needed (ie. computers, monitors, flyers, etc.). For more information or to secure your spot contact

Registration Rates

Early Bird


Now until 31 August 2019



1 September - 18 October 2019

Late/On-Site Registration


19 October - 5 November 2019

Event Closed

OpenHIE event rates are predetermined by the OpenHIE event planning team, fees included. You can plan to receive an invitation letter to the event (if requested at registration), access to all five days of the event (including OpenHIE Academy and Hackonnect-a-thon if requested at registration), transportation to/from the airport (if needed), access to experiences during the event (ie. site visits (if applicable), dinner(s), networking events), a welcome packet, name badge, swag.

If you need assistance getting to #OHIE19 please complete the OpenHIE Event Scholarship form by August 30, 2019. No late applications will be accepted. Recipients of scholarships will be notified by September 16, 2019.


Important Dates

  • Early Bird Registration Ends – 31 August 2019
    • Scholarship Submissions Due – 30 August 2019
      • OpenHIE Academy Intro Sessions – 4 November 2019
        • OpenHIE Community Meeting Begins – 5 November 2019
          • OpenHIE Academy Technical Day – 8 November 2019

Visit OpenHIE Event FAQ for more information or contact OpenHIE at or join OpenHIE Announcements to stay connected with the latest OpenHIE news and updates.

Photo credit: Wayan Vota