Announcement: Version 5.0 of the Architecture Specification Has Launched & Includes Translations

By: Kasey Upchurch
Posted On: August 5, 2022

The latest version of the OpenHIE Architecture Specification is now available!

OpenHIE is a global, open community of practice dedicated to improving the health of the underserved through open and collaborative development and support of country driven, large scale health information sharing architectures. The OpenHIE community supports interoperability by creating a reusable architectural framework that introduces a service-oriented approach that maximally leverages health information standards, enables flexible implementation by country partners, and supports interchangeability of individual components.

Updates as of July 2022 to the Newest Version of the Specification

Version 5.0 of the specification outlines the reusable architectural practices that constitute OpenHIE. This framework is intended to be constantly evolving as standards and implementer needs change over time. The newest version of the specification has been updated with the following significant changes:

  • New workflows (data exchange) section: OpenHIE Finance and Insurance Services Workflows
  • Synced GitBook with GitHub to manage branches and versioning
  • Added versioning process
  • Updated “Export Aggregate Data” to include mADX and provide more flexibility in the sending and receiving systems
  • Updated “Create Patient Demographic Record Workflow” links to be functional and current

Spanish Translations Available for Specification v5.0

We are working toward supporting Spanish and French translations for the OpenHIE Specification. Thanks to volunteers Silvia Alejandra Vázquez García (translator) and María Cepeda (reviewer) with the PerMondo initiative some of the Architecture Specification content of the website is now available in Spanish (not including the introduction, component and workflow specifications, and supplemental content). We appreciate feedback and input as we learn what it takes to translate and support additional languages. There will be more to come on translations soon.  

We hope to continue translating the Specification into new versions and languages overtime so that this resource is accessible to even more community members! Interested in supporting the translation of OpenHIE materials like the specification? Learn how on the community wiki!

We also want to extend our appreciation to RECAINSA, an organization that has supported our translation efforts and helped the OpenHIE secretariat to reach goals by reviewing and providing translations of our resources. Learn more about our partnership

We hope this newly updated Specification proves to be even more useful to you and the HIE projects you are working on! Want to learn more about the updating process? Check out the “Change Log and Versioning” page

We also hope that you’ll share any feedback, recommendations for improvement, or updates via this feedback category in Discourse: 

Access the version 5.0 of the Architecture Specification on the GitBook!