Announcing Version 4.0 of the Architecture Specification

By: Kasey Upchurch
Posted On: February 1, 2022

The latest version of the OpenHIE Architecture Specification is now available!

OpenHIE is a global, open community of practice dedicated to improving the health of the underserved through open and collaborative development and support of country driven, large scale health information sharing architectures. The OpenHIE community supports interoperability by creating a reusable architectural framework that introduces a service-oriented approach which maximally leverages health information standards, enables flexible implementation by country partners, and supports interchangeability of individual components.

Updates as of Fall 2021 to the Newest Version of the Specification

Version 4.0 of the specification outlines the reusable architectural practices that constitute OpenHIE. This framework is intended to be constantly evolving as standards and implementer needs change over time. The newest version of the specification has been updated with the following significant changes:

GitBook: Our New Host to the Specification & Other OpenHIE Documents

Aside from the content updates to the specification, we also have a new way to host and interact with this guide: GitBook. GitBook is a documentation site used by many OpenHIE peers, and others who need online documentation, that will continue to host future improved versions and the history of these documents over time. 

With hosting these documents on GitBook we will now have an improved process for accepting and implementing changes to the specification as well as an easy way to navigate to previous versions of the specification.

We hope this newly updated Specification proves to be even more useful to you and the HIE projects you are working on – and we hope the improved mechanism for publishing it simplifies how you navigate the document and how we update versions in the future! 

We also hope that you’ll share any feedback, recommendations for improvement, or updates via this feedback category in Discourse: