Big push…2 more down!

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Posted On: August 6, 2013
Monday 5, Aug 2013

I’m sitting here writing this to the sound of drums beating and imagining the dance classes happening down the road from the Jembi office in Rwanda. Symbolic too, as the team are working to a steady fast beat!

Today (Monday) our team had a big push, we took on the task of getting 2 new sites installed. I must make the distinction between ‘installed‘ and ‘implemented‘. We have defined them as follows:

Wayne (Left) and Hannes (Right) after getting our test
environment setup pre go-live.

  • installed: the RHIE software and components are installed on server, validated and tested in connecting to the HIE. In a ready state for use.
  • implemented: the clinic staff trained on the system use and system being used in clinical care submitting and consuming data from HIE.

With that said we are excited to do a quick update from the field: Our Implementation Training team have successfully completed the first day of training at Karenge (the first new site to get installed last week) and are looking forward to the next few days of training and getting the users at Karenge up and running with the new system.

Desire (left) working with Gishari’s IT manager,
training on system use and administration

As for our Installation and Technical Implementation team I am excited to announce that we now have 2 more sites ready for our team to train users on! Gishari and Avega are now technically installed, tested and validated as being able to send and receive data from the Rwanda HIE!

Wayne setting up

We look forward to our team recouping tomorrow and reviewing the lessons learned from this hard day and using these to sharpen our edge of installation and implementation. Credit goes out to the Jembi Rwanda office for ensuring that things are running smoothly!

Looking forward to another great day in Africa tomorrow!

– Carl | Jembi Health Systems NPC (South Africa)

Some photos from the field:
Daniel reviewing the Rwamagana servers ahead of Wednesdays
Desire, Wayne and Daniel: All smiles after a LONG day and having
Gishari and Avega installed!

Source:: RHIE