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Posted On: August 2, 2013


Well dusting off the blog and firing it up again to get things moving on the updates front. We are still here and working hard! Since our last post the RHEA team have been hard at work and quite a few exciting things have happened.

Some of them include the launching of a new global initiative drawing a lot of its core from the work in Rwanda, the OpenHIE ( an open source community focused around tool and technologies that strengthen national health information systems through facilitating data exchange.

We have been working at our live sites and monitoring and refining the features and functionality we have implemented. We have been refining our search mechanisms to make it easier for our users to find patients and reduce duplicate registrations, we have been gathering data on reports that are needed and we have been spending time ensuring that our tools and the OpenMRS components are all upgraded to 1.9.x (we have been working very closely with the MoH and their technical team to achieve this).

We have been hardening and updating the in country Rwanda HIE implementation and investigating new channels in the OpenHIM ( and user/implementation driven needs and requirements for new connections and features in the hosted HIE. We have also moved into a more sustainable model for the HIE with the applications being hosted on MoH supplied server space in the National Data Centre in Kigali.

Wow so much! Watch this space as we now enter into another implementation phase!

Source:: RHIE