Call to Provide Feedback on the OpenHIE Architecture Specification – Test Harness & Framework

By: Shelby Guthrie & Chris Bell
Posted On: October 24, 2023

OpenHIE is working with Arugsoft India Limited on a test harness that will enable us to evaluate how architecture components align with the architecture specification. Your help is needed to make sure we are testing the things that matter to you.  

Learn more about the contract awarded to Argusoft India Limited by our partner Digital Square to develop the OpenHIE Testing Harness and Test Framework in this blog post.

The OpenHIE Architecture Specification is a framework that outlines the reusable architectural practices recommended by the OpenHIE Community. The specification documents OpenHIE components & their requirements as well as OpenHIE workflows (data exchanges) & the standards that support them. The specification is a living document based on real world implementations & needs that was created by & for the OpenHIE community.

You can view the current version of the specification here. The specification framework is intended to be updated regularly in order to encompass the evolving standards, needs of implementers & demands of the real world implementations.

All are encouraged to provide comments, proposed edits, and other suggestions in order to enhance future versions of the specification either directly on the page or on our Discourse forum site. For additional details on how to provide feedback please refer to this page of the specification or reach out to Chris Bell: 

We are hoping to have a plan for specification updates soon. Some questions to keep in mind while giving feedback could be: 

  • What would make the specification more useful? 
  • Is my country/project team’s data exchange pattern represented?  (if not, please share)
  • Am I using a different standard or a FHIR Implementation Guide that should be represented?  
  • Do you have an example where the specification has helped you?