Case Studies

These case studies outline implementations of health data exchange where the OpenHIE Architecture has been put into practice!

These case studies are written and provided voluntarily by community members in collaboration with those who are involved in the projects they cover and the OpenHIE secretariat. These descriptions of OpenHIE implementations are intended to showcase the flexible and unique ways the OpenHIE Architecture can address unique needs of environments implementing health information exchange.

If you would like to contribute to our collection of case studies, please begin a conversation with the community on the Discourse Community Forum.

Case Studies

  • Sri Lanka's Digital Health Blueprint

    Sri Lanka developed a digital health blueprint with open-source solutions, an international technical assistance team, and aligned with global standards and architectures. Learn more about this implementation in a case study!


    “Building a Future-Proof Digital Health Ecosystem: A Case Study of Sri Lanka’s National Digital Health Blueprint”
    written by Saitejaswi Cherukupalli
    April 2024