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Posted On: September 21, 2012

Click. A sound often associated with something locking into place, a switch being flipped or a concept making sense (ok the last one isn’t really a sound). So CLICK!
So why am I stuck on CLICK today? There is an eerie feeling of anticipation for the day today. Yesterday evening we received an update that truly marked the start of something. Yesterday evening the RHEA project began the move from working in an “off-line mode” to a “live-connected mode”.
As of ±4pm CAT 20 September 2012 the RHEA project had its first connected Health Centre using the system as part of the clinical care! Quite an achievement and many many hours of work in the RHEA team to get it here.
First Health Centre connected!
The Jembi team moved onto Musha and setup the modules and ran as many tests as possible (internet still proving to be a problem – while at the Health Centre the server was not able to “see it”). Tired, dazed, hopeful and slightly frustrated not to have completed the entire test at Musha that day the retired for the evening eagerly anticipating today!
Today we demonstrated live to Richard and a few other delegates the system registering a patient and sending data to the Client Registry, sending and pulling encounter information down from the SHR at the Ruhunda site. What an achievement for the teams! Musha still struggling with connectivity (being intermittent was able to complete a full day of clinical use of the system in an offline mode (data being queued to be sent when connection is stable). It was an amazing time to see new users using the system and actively working through all the workflows!
The Rwanda HIE Architecture, the components that
allow the HIE to “tick” so to say.
Reeling a little to try and comprehend where we are today, the RHEA team have implemented an Open Source Health Information Exchange stemming from the original and ongoing Health Enterprise Architecture project in Rwanda. Each component built on the requirements of Rwanda, many of them coded in Africa itself; contributions and developments from great international teams; training courses run and capacity continued to be developed to support this initiative in RWANDA!
6 months ago we have a beta version of the Facility Registry and some requirements for the other components, today we have the software installed, configured and functioning within the clinical uses case! Yes we know its not perfect and there will be bugs and glitches, there always are, but we have moved from a lab use case to a live instantiation of the technologies and ongoing work to ensure the clinical use and advantage are realised to the maximum.

Congratulations to the teams for so much hard work and hours of after hours work and discussions to get us to this stage. We look forward to the RHEA meeting next week where we will be discussing this more and showing the use of the system in a demo on Monday morning!

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