How can your country host the 2021 OpenHIE Community Meeting?

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Posted On: February 17, 2020

For the last two years our OpenHIE (OHIE) community has gathered to learn from one another and to celebrate each others’ accomplishments. In 2018, at our inaugural meeting in Tanzania, 186 stakeholders, implementers, and subject matter experts from over 60 organizations came together to share stories, learn more about interoperability, and to collaborate on solutions for health information exchange. In 2019 more than 220 participants representing 71 organizations from 25 countries were hosted by the Ethiopia Ministry of Health to learn about and discuss how to better utilize OpenHIE’s architecture to enhance data for decision making. Later this year, Malawi will host our 3rd annual OpenHIE Community Meeting in Lilongwe. Get information as it becomes available by following @OpenHIE on Twitter.

One goal of #OHIE20 in Malawi is to announce the location of #OHIE21 so we are looking for those interested in hosting the 2021 event! If you are interested in hosting the 2021 OpenHIE Community Meeting, please review the following criteria developed to help ensure success for the host country in their preparations for this event. The following are not requirements, but are considerations outlined to serve as general guidelines to countries and the OpenHIE community:

  • Significant local OpenHIE community activity, that is, a presence of an ongoing OpenHIE implementation, long-standing community membership etc.
  • Commitment to OpenHIE as a network, regional, or country level architecture.
  • Strong local hosting organization with an ability to engage local resources/sponsorship.
  • Country is interested in supporting the long-term strategic interests of the OpenHIE community.
  • Easy access, that is, good international airport, liberal visa policies (e.g., eVisa or visa on arrival available for visitors from many countries), local transportation.
  • Availability of travel and hotel infrastructure suitable to host the meeting.
  • Provision of good security throughout the meeting.
  • Country context aligns with OpenHIE’s mission.
  • Openness/willingness to host OpenHIE site visits.

If interested, please fill in the following INTEREST FORM HERE

If you have any questions, please send an email to, or contact our Community Manager Jamie Thomas directly at

The application deadline is: 19 April 2019 by 11:59 pm in the applicants time zone.