Achieving a Master Patient Index in Myanmar with SantéSuite

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Communicating and linking MPI/CR’s strategic value to health system stakeholder’s strategic value is critical to getting buy-in and successful implementation.

Key benefits and impacts that were recognized included:

  • MPI’s role in generating high quality, discrete data at point of care whose strategic impact “rippled upward” across all levels of the health system
  • The ability of SanteMPI’s technology architecture to leverage and support existing investments in both hardware and software, both legacy and more modern systems
  • MPI’s role as strategic foundation building block for operationalizing Health Information Exchanges
  • National unique ID as critical success factor to achieving UHC

Linking back to clinical use cases that are understandable to stakeholders can bring the concept of MPI to life. An example of this was supporting the COVAX emergency response. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Ministries of Health and the team realized that they could rapidly adapt the MPI to support the COVAX pre-registration process to support national immunization planning and vaccination campaigns. In these first two weeks, the pre-registration reached up to 25,000 people per day and accuracy for these individuals needed to be established quickly.

Perhaps the most valuable insight was the following agile iterative processes, working side by side with clinics and Ministry of Health teams generated the most valuable lessons and most practical, useful, and effective innovations, which in turn reinforced buy-in.