It threw the kitchen sink at us but we made it!

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Posted On: August 9, 2013
It threw the kitchen sink at us and made us work for it, but we made it!” – Wayne Naidoo (Technical Project Manager, Jembi)
Wayne and Desire upgrading the Health Center Implementation

On Wednesday this week, the team took on the challenge of attempting to setup and configure the Rwamagana Health Center Server on site with a new version of OpenMRS as well as installing the updated RHIE modules and connecting the Health Center OpenMRS implementation to the Rwandan Health Information Exchange (RHIE); all this in a single day. Challenging indeed but not impossible.

A particular aspect that made this deployment interesting was that the server also housed the Rwamagana District hospital OpenMRS implementation (one machine and two instances of OpenMRS running) hence we needed to minimise server downtime.

Dentist chairs make for great motivators when
sitting in a chilly server room as
Daniel proves
Throughout this particular site implementation, we experienced a number of technical challenges (the kitchen sink), these included nuances in how the particular servers disks were setup (different to our general deploy from other clinics), needing new ways to ensure we had a failover to revert the server back to its previous state (living by the “do no harm” mentality of not impacting negatively on systems) and a few others. All of these proved to be “fun” as we needed to get this Health Centre and Hospital server technically consistent with the other servers in the district.
Hard-Long-Day but smiles all round!
Florentin (MoH Administrator), Wayne (Project Manager),
Desire (JHS-Rw Developer), Daniel (Senior Developer)
At the end of a long day, we upgraded the Health Center Implementation and connected it to the Health Information Exchange, looking forward to another week of site installations and the interesting challenges that await us.
— Wayne Naidoo, Jembi Health Systems

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