Let’s Deep Dive with Instant OHIE 2.0!

By: Ryan Crichton
Posted On: January 25, 2024

What’s new with Instant OHIE? Instant OHIE has recently released a version 2.0 of the project with many new features to help in setting up data exchanges. In this blog, we’ll outline what exactly Instant OHIE is, what you can expect in this new version, and how you can leverage this tool for your HIE projects! 

What is Instant OHIE? 

Instant OHIE is a project created by Jembi Health Systems and OpenHIE Community members to “allow Health Information Exchange components to be packaged up, deployed, operated and scaled via a simple CLI” (https://jembi.gitbook.io/instant-v2). 

Instant OHIE can help as a quick starting point for understanding the connection points for data exchange as well as for testing out how a health information exchange may work for your particular use case.

New for Version 2.0

The key changes from original Instant OpenHIE are:

  • A rewrite of the original CLI – the commands and parameters have be rethought
  • Docker swarm is now the only supported target – this allows us to scale services across many servers, this will mean some minor changes for existing Instant OpenHIE v1 packages
  • A set of bash function are included to help implementers create package deployment scripts, these make it easier to perform more complex common tasks such as waiting for another docker container to start and be available
  • The entry point bash script for packages is now named swarm.sh
  • The instant.json file is now renamed to package-metadata.json
  • No packages are included by default, these are left up to the community to provide and maintain. Instant OpenHIE simply becomes the packaging specification and deployment tool.

How do I get started? 

To learn more on how to get started with Instant OpenHIE v2 please see the latest documentation on the documentation site.

Additionally, you can get involved by providing feedback, suggestions or by submitting tickets on the Instant OHIE GitHub