Mission Control

By: News
Posted On: September 15, 2012

Mission Control…that’s what the sense of the Jembi office and teams gave out. Walls covered with check lists and whiteboards our teams were planned and tracked thoroughly the day!

Our teams were back out to Ruhunda , Musha and started at Rwamangana. Ruhunda saw us bringing with us the networking team and satellite with us to work on the infrastructure while our teams continue to test the system. Today we hope to be able to complete the loop at Ruhunda and connect the system to the HIE.

Musha install is 90% complete and testing is underway. Had some challenges with a faulty switch and hoping to have this sorted out asap. Internet is in the process of being connected and while that is happening the Jembi team will test with our field kit to the HIE. ETA on Musha field test is slightly dependent on the Ubudebe data load.

Rwamangana has been loaded with our modules and initial testing to the Lab HIE has been done. The team is back out today to continue the Implementation and testing.

We are becoming frequent visitors and local IT companies as our field kit grows to meet our team’s needs. We’ve added 2 desktop switches, 3G enabled router, network cables and network tester.

Our team are out again today (Saturday) and will feedback again tonight! Fun times! (pictures to follow)

Source:: RHIE