OpenHIE Academy: A New E-Learning Tool on Health Information Exchange and the OpenHIE Community

By: Kasey Upchurch
Posted On: January 13, 2021

During the OpenHIE 2019 Community Meeting in Ethiopia, “The Academy” was offered as “in person” courses that provided participants with the essential history, concepts, and competencies to understand the role of OpenHIE as a health information exchange and how to utilize the architecture to enhance data for decision making at all levels of the health system. These courses were well-received at the community meeting, so our community management, leadership, and Academy subcommunity team went to work to figure out a way to offer this style of continuing education beyond one week a year – and now we are excited to launch the online e-learning tool to address information gaps about OpenHIE, the architecture, health information exchange topics, and MORE! We call this tool, the Academy.

The Academy is now available with 2 full courses of content*, ready for users to sign in with their OpenHIE ID (also Discourse or Wiki credentials) and begin moving through the modules. The courses include videos (with English closed captioning), additional resources on topics, and evaluations. Upon completing the course and passing the quiz by at least 80%, users will receive a personalized certificate of completion on the course as a printable and downloadable PDF.

Follow this link to begin your journey with the academy by logging in and starting your first course!

Courses are continuing to be created by the Academy Community on the following topics:

  • Introduction to HIE and OpenHIE: Foundations of Health Information Exchange – Available Now
  • Overview of the OpenHIE Architecture: Overview of Architecture Components – Available Now
  • Interoperability
  • Registries and Introduction to Workflows
  • Terminologies and Data Standards for Health Information Exchange
  • HIE and Leadership

Additional topics and advanced courses are in the works for further out in the future, being planned and later created by members of the community. A special THANK YOU to community members who have participated in the Academy subcommunity to help get OpenHIE Academy launched and document courses to help elevate knowledge around health information exchange: Dr. Araya Abrha, Stella Badmus, Michelle Cox, Dr. Terry Cullen, Kasey Cummins, April Currier, Daniel Futerman, Tesfit Gebremeskel, Peter Imrie, Haftamu Kebede, Sri Maurya Kummamuru, Jodi Lis, Clint Rusk, Jennifer Shivers, Jamie Thomas, and Samson Yohannes.

Who will you share these courses with? What are some courses you would like to see? Have ideas on future topics that should be covered? Be sure to share your thoughts with us on Discourse!

* When this tool launched, two courses were available. More courses have since been and will continue to be added.