The Academy Terminology Learning Pathway & New Advanced Courses

By: Kasey Upchurch
Posted On: October 19, 2022

The Academy Websites hosts many free, self-paced courses, external content we link to, and the new certification program. New to the website are a few updated and advanced courses, in addition to the newest course along what is being called the “Terminology Learning Pathway.” 

terminology learning pathwayway from HIE Foundation to Terminology Deep Dive

Terminology Learning Pathway

In this picture, we can follow the image guide to see a visual representation of the Terminology Learning Pathway. 

The pathway begins with courses 101, 110, and 220. These are HIE foundational courses that serve as tools to help community members to understand the basics of HIE, where OpenHIE fits in, and to begin thinking about health data standards. 

The information provided in these courses is needed in order to move onward to the Terminology Deep Dive Courses: 345: Terminology and (new) 445: Using and Implementing Terminology

Course 345 will help the participants to establish the foundation of the healthcare data journey by equipping them with the information and abilities needed to understand terminologies. Covering ICD-9, ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, and other clinical data standards, as well as various clinical data representations used in healthcare systems.

The newest course, 445, is a deeper look into terminology. Providing more practical aspects of using terminology in implementations. This content takes a global-focused approach, meaning that the tools and reference terminologists noted in this course will tend to be more open source and applicable to global health contexts. 

New on the Academy Website

In addition to the newest Terminology course, we also have published the following:

We hope these new courses and a learning pathway are helpful to you and your capacity building journey! You can find all these courses and many more on the OpenHIE Academy website