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Posted On: September 20, 2012

Well it’s all in the title, well most of it, and sums up the teams work for yesterday. Let me unpack. Our goal for yesterday were:

  • To have Musha installed, tested and connected to the HIE
  • Turn on Ruhunda (i.e. have working with the HIE)
  • Complete first day of clinical use of the PoC system


“IT LIVES – PoC Lives”


Liz and Dawn with the clinical staff and Wayne and Ishimwe supported the use of the PoC in the clinic’s workflow and continued to tweak and test against the HIE respectively. We have been fighting some persistance issues in persisting patient information that comes from the SHR and the team is working through the code to find the “nasty critter” (read bug) that is causing this issue.
Hannes and Desire started out at Musha in the morning where they rapidly deployed the PoC modules and tested the in-clinic workflows, unfortunately due to some administration issues there was no internet at Musha yesterday (challenges with Satellite and work orders and scheduling) and hence they were not able to test the system against the HIE. For those wondering the 3G was proving to be a challenge to pull through the entire clinics network too. A decision was made to send the team to Rwamagana Health Centre / Hospital.
Hannes and Desire moved from Musha to Rwamagana where they complete the install of the RHEA PoC modules and continued to test the workflows against the HIE (Rwamagana shares its internet with the hospital – a fiber connection). This combined with the ongoing Ubudebe load at the sites proved to be a ‘full’ day for Hannes and Desire. The afternoon saw both teams working, in conjunction with the Remote teams in RSA, to resolve the persistance bug and a few others that had crept up – a task that continues today.
In summary of yesterday:
  • RHEA PoC modules are installed at Ruhunda, Musha and Rwamagana;
  • Ruhunda is using the PoC in its clinic for ANC (was supported by Liz and Dawn);
  • Both Ruhunda and Rwamagana’s internet is running and connection to the HIE is tested (internet connection)
  • Musha awaits internet connection for final site specific workflow testing
  • PoC module persistence bug to be resolved today, followed by module update at each site and final testing
That said today’s schedule see the team back out at Ruhunda to trouble shoot the issue and remedy. Following this to roll out the new module to Musha (internet expected by noon), test the workflows at Musha and connect (in a permanent status) the site to the HIE. The same will be done for Ruhunda and Rwamagana.
All things working according to plan (and we know that this isn’t always the case) we will have Ruhunda live and connected to the HIE with Musha and Rwamagana following shortly.
Our 2 first sites including the addition of Rwamagana.

Source:: RHIE