Week ahead: RWANDA HIE Install + more

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Posted On: September 10, 2012
A welcome banner to our trainers
and trainees from previous
weeks’ trainings

This is poised to be an exciting week with the RHEA team pulling out all the stops as members push to move from our “cloud – laboratory” into our “field setting” (installed in Rwanda). Given a few hic-ups on the way and finding “creative” ways to come round them we are looking ahead at a week filled with implementation, testing and tuning.

Some of the tasks underway and planned include:

  • The Jembi Rwanda team is setting up the Rwanda HIE (http://rhea.jembi.org) in the National Data Centre. Our teams have worked tirelessly along with the MoH to move “near” mountains to source the required hardware and hosting space to start the process of migrating from the Amazon ec2 service to the in-country service.
  • Implementation teams are poised to start the process of rolling out the software to sites and begin the process of facilitating the back-entry of ANC data as well as testing the connectivity and accessibility of the RWANDA HIE from the Health Centres this week.
  • RWANDA HIE configuration and testing to be done alongside rollout and tuned through an iterative review of systems and interactions with Point of Care systems and HIE.
  • Jembi Rwanda Team working well towards finalising the meeting preparations and calling on delegate to confirm attendance.
  • MoH and Jembi (as part of RHEA team) are working at ensuring the support structures are in place to accomodate the new features and support users through the transition.

What a week a head of us. All this in the shadow of the successful trainings that have been happening over the past few weeks around the various registries and services!

Source:: RHIE