What’s that…you’re live!? AGAIN!

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Posted On: August 2, 2013
Yesterday we successfully installed and setup the Karenge Server at site which is now officially connected with the HIE in Rwanda. We also parallelized a number of activities in the field and picked-up and prepared the Avega and Gishali Health Center Servers for the RHEA installation.
Wayne and Daniel | Jembi South Africa Team
Looking ahead, we plan on finalising the Avega and Gishali Server configurations today and plan to go out to Site on Monday to re-install these and potentially upgrade, install and test the Rwamagana Health Center Server at site on Monday as well.
Getting the system setup and local IT managers familiar with new fields.
A very exciting time as we are looking to increase our sites to the expected 4 new sites with the RHEA installation and server setup ahead of schedule originally due to be completed by the 20th of August. Exciting times as we are seeing more Jembi team flying to Rwanda next week few weeks! Why is that exciting….well.. that would put us in a really strong position to do some exciting work in the remaining time we have here in-country 😉 what that looks like we are hoping to announce SOON!
– Wayne Naidoo | Jembi Health Systems, South Africa
The Team! Happy after Karenge site is installed awaiting training team!

Source:: RHIE