The Public Face of OpenHIE: Let’s Talk about Our New Website

By: Kasey Upchurch
Posted On: April 21, 2021

After about a year of development and redesign with the team at Pivot in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, the new OpenHIE website is available.

While you may have found this site at the same web address as before, it looks and functions quite differently now in order to hero a new approach to OpenHIE: framework, community, and impact stories.


The framework section of the site focuses on the architecture, and implementable, standards-based approach this community supports to make sharing health data across information systems possible. So, not only do we show the reusable, modular architecture, the framework also demonstrates the community process at the core of OpenHIE that supports real-world implementations and shares best practices globally.


The community section of the site focuses the core-value of OpenHIE to be of and for those who are needing, creating, and implementing the aspects of our framework. It also highlights our guiding principles. Jumping into the OpenHIE community has never been easier or more approachable. Interested persons can join the community via practice group calls, sharing skills, partnering their organization with OpenHIE, and donating all within this site.

Impact Stories

The impact stories section of the site features implementer stories of progress and success using OpenHIE solutions. Currently we have two stories published: BID Initiative in Tanzania and Zambia and the Kuunika Project in Malawi.

Do you know of an in-the-works or completed OpenHIE implementation? Please share this with us!

We hope this new site makes accessing the features of OpenHIE simple and effective for our community members and those who are interested in how OpenHIE can solve their problems. We encourage you to share this new site with your network to help us spread the word about OpenHIE!